Project Elimu Programs

Arts Program

Project Elimu’s art programme comprises activities such as ballet and African dance, music, Arts and Crafts. Known as the Kibera Ballet School, we produce various shows every year that we stage at the Kibera Kamkunji grounds in Kibra for the general public.

About the arts program

Arts are essential in children’s brain development. They teach children lifelong lessons and the basic understanding that practice makes perfect, collaboration leads to success, that there are several paths to take in tackling challenges, and that all problems can have more than one solution.

Program activities

children dancing

Dancing Lessons

children dancing


wall painting


children drumming


Access to co-curricular activities for every child

Project Elimu’s hands-on approach has enabled young people to develop self-expression tools and strategies outside their formal learning institutions. More young girls who were at risk of dropping out of school have stayed in school. Through the performances where the children not only get to perform but also take part in the costume design and choreographic process boosts self-worth which in turn translates into improved performance in school.

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The developmental themes that we focus on include: Education, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and Diversity. Project Elimu uses a creative and innovative art-based ballet dance approach to address and communicate its developmental messages, a medium that attracts many young people in Kibera.