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Food support for Kibera's after school Program

As most people struggle with economic recovery from the effects of COVID 19, many breadwinners for families in our network in Kibera rely on informal labor markets to support their families; some of these families are unable to provide a minimum of two meals to their children we teach. Many people live hand to mouth, unable to build financial safety nets and thus unable to provide food and basic necessities for their children. We are raising funds for food assistance during our classes.

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$ 10

Access to clean drinking Water at the Centre During Classes.

$ 35

Nutritius poridge to 140 Students during our Classes

$ 70

Worm Lunch for 140 Sudents During our classes.

$ 100

Food to take home for aChald lead family.

Support our Kibera Ballet School.

ARTs Education is essential in a child's brain development. They teach children lifelong lessons and the basic understandings that practice makes perfect, collaboration leads to success, and that all problems can have more than one solution. Our most popular program, the Kibera Ballet Club, has shown positive outcomes where some of our students have managed to achieve major scholarships to join Universities and prestigious schools in Kenya and internationally.

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$ 10

Will support ten Girls with menstrual Product for one month.

$ 15

Will give us clean drinking water during our Arts class. .es

$ 25

Will support our Saturday porridge program that serves 420 cups.

$ 45

Will support our Dance space utility bills for a month.

$ 50

Will Enable use pay our Dance trainer(s) per month

$ 100

Will support our student with our locally made ballet shoes from kibera.

$ 250

Will support 270 Dancing Girls with menstrual Products per month.

$ 400

Will cover our rent for a month.