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Performing Arts Education

The arts are an extension of who we are as human beings as it allows us to share our emotions and increase our sense of community and connection, through music, movement and Painting It enriches a child's sensory, emotional, intellectual, and creative development and contributing to his or her overall development.

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Performing Arts EducationPerforming Arts EducationPerforming Arts EducationPerforming Arts EducationPerforming Arts EducationPerforming Arts Education

About this program

Over the past year project elimu has built a solid talent development platform with an active social emotional learning component for young people living in Kibra through our weekly free arts activities. Our art program includes ballet and African dance, arts and crafts as well as music is followed with an average of 267 children weekly.

Through our Ballet program children have gained scholarships to various prestigious schools in Kenya and abroad. A research, conducted by Birmingham University, demonstrated the impact of our program on the transformation of children in Kibera.

Ever year we organise community exhibitions and showcase within Kibera for our wider community Audience.

Our project has been covered by many news outlets, including international ones like CNN, The Guardian, and Euro News. This has helped us advocate for access to extracurricular activities in Kenya and beyond to a global audience in Kenya and beyond.

Support This Program

$ 15

Will give us clean drinking water during our Arts classes

$ 25

Will support our Saturday porridge program that serves 420 cups.

$ 45

Will support our Dance space utility bills for a month.

$ 50

Will Enable use pay our Dance trainer(s) per month

$ 100

Will support our student with our locally made ballet shoes from kibera.

$ 400

Will cover our rent for a month.