Poverty has its way to disrupt a child's mind, Education have the ability to trigger resilience and determination in that Child's Life.

We are Project Elimu

Elimu is a Swahili word meaning educate but connotes deeply to learnings beyond the classroom, the project was initiated by Michael Wamaya a top 10 finalists Global teacher prize 2017  to champion  quality education for children living in informal settlements and beyond, through extracurricular activities in schools and by equipping teachers with tools to incorporate 21st-Century skills development in their classrooms.

This short film was done in 2017 by NOKIA, Mike Wamaya was then working for Annos Africa.

Our Mission

Access to quality education for every child living in informal settlements and beyond, through extracurricular activities and equipping teachers with tools to incorporate 21st-Century skills development within their classrooms.


Delivery of quality primary and early childhood education remains a huge challenge in Kenya’s Urban areas. The need to educate this ever-growing bottom of the pyramid school-age children has led to the rise low pay informal schools. Project Elimu work with such schools to offer a wider range of extracurricular activities such as


We set up weekly after-school clubs, which is followed with 413 children every week on the ballet program alone. We work in both private schools where we charge a fee and this enables us to offer the same classes free to children in informal settlements. We are soon setting up other art genres like Creative Writing, Drama and Circus.


Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders. Occupations in STEM-related careers are some of the fastest growing of  21st century, and that does have the greatest potential for job growth. We partner with schools to offer a hands-on approach to learning to K-12 students living in the informal settlements


We are proud to announce that together with our new partners, we are set to launch Entrepreneurship education to schools within the informal settlements of Nairobi. The program is designed to enable K-12 children to understand to entrepreneurial experience before leaving compulsory education, such as running a mini-company, being responsible for a project for a company or a social project.


I can do it

Our key aim is TO Recruit, Empower and support program members drawn from schools within the Network in the practices of great teachers and leaders, equipping them with skills to teach the 21st-century framework and have them Redeploy this skills to their students.  We organize three days training every five months.


Our extracurricular programs are children centred (who they are and what they want) this enables them Identify, understand and explore their full potential within their classrooms and beyond.


Get Involved

You too can help our children and Project Elimu!

Are you a  College/ University student or a passionate professional willing to invest some of your time in share Knowledge with children living in the informal settlements and beyond, please contact us. 

Project Elimu will connect you directly to a school near you where you can share your time and help a child discover their full potential as they develop both social and practical skills. 

Although Project Elimu seeks to be self-proficient, donations go a long way in helping us to achieve our goals for the children. You can use below PayPal donate button or use Western Union to wire your gift.
Please donate if you can!

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