Project Elimu Programs

Digital Literacy

With expanding globalization and digitization of business and government transactions, the need for digital skills is inevitable. Most schools in Kibera do not have access to computers or libraries. That's what compelled Project Elimu to start the digital literacy class and open library

About the Digital Literacy program

When the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) was introduced in Kenya, a huge portion of its component required using digital devices, from teacher evaluations to learner content. Schools within Kibera lack computers, books and access to the internet. Majority of parents and teachers also lack basic computer skills. Project Elimu’s Digital Literacy Programme is designed to bridge this gap by offering free computer classes to learners who are 4 to 18 years old, their teachers and parents.

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Legos Club

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Computer Education

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Software and Robotics

Empowering children through digital skills education

The goal of this program is to impart to young people the skills and knowledge to use digital platforms in solving challenges affecting their community. We are also aiming to impact the inclusion of more women in technology.

Get Involved

The developmental themes that we focus on include: Education, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights and Diversity. Project Elimu uses a creative and innovative art-based ballet dance approach to address and communicate its developmental messages, a medium that attracts many young people in Kibera.