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About Smile bank

About Smile bank


Albright Pire

Publish Date

December 06, 2020

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3 mins

Project Elimu is an organisation that teaches classical ballet the young, industrious children in the heart of well known "Kibera Slums". Through this small organisation it has done tremendous changes in many people's lives and even in the locality. Through the organisation itself, it has various programmes like smile bank and as an individual you come to learn that most of the things we are being taught here in project elimu and smile bank helps us in day to day life. I Madelline Pire Albright. I am a beneficiary of smile bank and project elimu,and herer i have come to realise my passion and potential for writing articles and dancing.

Through this programme I am now able to express my talent,since I have been given the opportunity of becoming what I was created to be in life. On many occasions as girls ,some of us are being raised by a single parent family and for instance some of our parents cannot be able to afford sanitary towels. Many girls enjoy the services that project elime offers and we all appreciate the founder of Project elimu mr Mike Wamaya because through him such one of a kind organisation was formed ,where everyone recognises her talent and passion ,since passion itself is what drives us.

Every month project elimu ,through a smile bank supports one thousand five hundred girls with sanitary towels. Indeed it is a dream come true as it helps many girls when it reaches their menstrual periods. Here we are taught lots and lots of new things like the use of menstrual cups and reusable pads. Indeed project elimu through smile bank is doing a great, marvelous ,tremendous equal vital work by supporting the elderly by providing food for them. In many households one out of ten ,generally are able to get only a day's meal and through the various groups formed under smile bank ,we all share our ideas publicly and eat the food as a whole big family

In the society not everyone was created the same ,but for instance there are all sorts of people who eventually are part and parcel of us. Here in this organisation it accomodates everyone like the dumb and hence it makes them to feel at home and accepted despite of there situation. Indeed what project elimu is doing is something awesome,and during this period of covid 19 pandemic it has done alot to our young precious both boys and girls.

What i can conclude is that this is the right place to be,as what they offer makes you to feel explodious fragiolistic. Indeed it helps us to know what each and everyone of us wants, and i think we should come as one so that we make this place to be much bigger and a bigger SMILE BANK

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