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The effects of COVID-19 in Kibera

The effects of COVID-19 in Kibera


Albright Pire

Publish Date

November 22, 2020

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Covid is a respiratory disease that affects the lungs. For instance this deadly disease has made the world to be at a standstill, as many things have been indefinitely stopped.We all occasionally have been told about it, but it is a rather sad occasion that many people are now struggling, as the economy of these countries are deteriorating day by day. Many of the people being raised by single parent family; some are now orphans because they have no one to look after them. The numbers keep on rising and the worst part however is that we are at the center and generally we have no one to look up to our needs, surely as globe where are we heading? Many of the people living in slums and in the urban areas are now struggling to put food on the table to share with their families, but how unfortunate this has become. In towns and other places many of our young industrious youth used to have employment but now everything has turned the other way round. It is not by coincidence that you hear crime has risen, and when one walks he or she is being attacked and beaten up mercilessly by criminals, reason being they have no one to fend for themselves. Most of them try to better their lives, by trying to seek employment but what shall they do? Many of the school going children have now become teenage mothers, because of the different families they come from, as some cannot be able to get the basic needs, as some are being raised by single parents. Indeed this pandemic has brought worse more than good. For instance this pandemic has brought corruption and nepotism to people as families are being stigmatized. Why Covid 19? Why has it made our lives to be at a standstill? What I can say is that let us find a solution as to the way a united globe can fight this pandemic. For us to be alive, let us follow the government's directive measures and apprehend what they say. Let's keep social distance, avoid crowded places and cover your cough or sneezing for us to live in a free community free from Covid 19!

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