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Gender based violence

Gender based violence


Albright Pire

Publish Date

November 23, 2020

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Gender based violence is something that has made the lives of many people to be more diversting. The gender violence itself is too much hurting as some for instance cannot be enthusiastically and eloquently spoken of. Generally many of these people who undergo this enormous,trechures trauma of gender based violence have made their lives to be a no go zone!. In Fact these people would like to live peacefully in their households ,but how unfortunate this has become,as they are forced to live in pieces but not in peace. It is a rather sad story that you hear women and children are brutally beaten and injured  and the worst part however ,you get that others are being killed mercilessly or raped. Unfortunately it has brought pain,suffering,and all sorts of challenges that as an individual is forced to undergo. Many times the women and the children are forced to keep it as a "Secret" but when they try to speak it out that is when hell breaks loose. On many occasions, it has led to many resourceful events in once life. These people try very hard to forget what they undergo in day to day life, but as an individual you will come to realize that they hide it, and if you try to ask them what they pass through, they eventually begin to cry since it is painful. Severally, we all hear suicide cases and to some extend this is unfair. Many times, the women themselves try to get the necessary help they need to overcome all these challenges, but they come to the final destination, hence ending up being rescued by the gender violence recovery and center. The worst part however is that the gender based violence has separated families, as young children are generally forced to go out into the streets, so that they get the peace of mind they need. What I can say is that the women and children are the most affected once, as they are the victims. Indeed, gender based violence should be stopped with effect as it has made the lives of many people to be in hazardous situations. As a community let us get to know how we can eradicate gender based violence in the society as it has brought harm more than good to many people.

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